Our Value

Believing completely that cost is an issue only in the absence of value, this is our value proposition. While our fee is based on total assets under management by our firm, it includes much more than just the management of the assets.

As your financial team, we:

  • Perform a complete assessment of your risk tolerance and determine the most suitable asset allocation model for you
  • Determine an investment strategy that is most suitable for you and help you stick to the strategy—investor behavior being the number one factor in poor investor performance
  • Utilize investment managers that have proven track records with their strategies and monitor their performance
  • Monitor assets monthly and make any adjustments to tweak the portfolio to take advantage of short term market movements up or down, thus being tactical in our management
  • Engage you in a financial planning package to include retirement projections and recommendations
  • Determine best strategies for starting and maximizing social security
  • Run “what if” scenarios as you contemplate changes in your life to determine if those changes are prudent and reasonable—like buying a vacation home
  • Consult with you on your estate planning wishes and, if needed, work with your attorney to make certain wills and trusts are followed
  • Consult with your tax professionals as needed to minimize taxation where we can
  • Meet with you at a minimum of once per year for an annual review—more frequently if you desire
  • Are on call for any financial questions you may have like the best way to purchase a car, refinance a mortgage, gift assets to charity, etc.
Client Centered