Opus Medical Professionals Studio

The Opus Group of Virginia’s financial professionals have devoted decades to working with physicians and medical professionals. This experience gives us a broad understanding of the unique needs faced by those in the medical field.

Physicians and medical professionals may be concerned with:

  • Excessive student and personal loan balances in the beginning of their careers
  • Limitations on the time available to devote to financial matters
  • Building wealth
  • Establishing or joining a professional practice
  • Protecting income and families
  • Higher potential for professional and personal risk liability to personal and business assets
  • Complex tax strategies and generally higher tax liabilities

We assist our clients in providing strategies for these types of issues on a daily basis. We offer a one-stop referral arrangement for access to resources, such as medical practice and business consultants, accountants, attorneys, insurance carriers and information technology specialists. Our team of network professionals such as CPAs and Estate Tax Attorneys provide unique design ideas applicable to today's ever-changing tax environment. These specialists keep us up-to-date on all the current tax, retirement, and business issues that are essential to assisting our clients in making informed decisions.

Client Centered