Business Professionals 

Our primary goal is to help business professionals successfully navigate their many unique financial options. Financial planning for business professionals is really about identifying the objectives that are most important in your life and helping you work towards them. It encompasses your own goals and constraints, the economic environment, current tax laws and realistic investment expectations.

We fully realize that everyone’s financial situation is unique. Our comprehensive process analyzes your financial position and lifestyle, creates integrated action plans, then helps execute these plans. Our duty is to act as the “business director” for each of our clients, giving them the information they need to help them make financial decisions effectively.

Our focus is two-fold: to educate you about the typical financial planning challenges faced by business professionals, and to help you implement simple strategies to address basic financial objectives.

In the Business Professionals Financial Planning process, we typically address concerns including:

  • Debt evaluation
  • Life and disability income insurance
  • 401(k) contributions and allocation
  • Monthly savings objectives
  • Employer benefit options
  • Basic estate documents
Client Centered