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Mission Statement

The mission of The Opus Group of Virginia is to be a wealth management firm whose ethos of craftsmanship resides in the value we bring our members through simplicity, due diligence, and care. Our stringent code of ethics places the client’s needs above all others and demands uncompromising integrity in every aspect of our business conduct. Our business is that of relationships and ensuring every member is treated in an ethical manner.

Our Vision is to capture all the essential elements of building a great, enduring company. It is our mission now to ensure that this Vision is more than a document, and that it acts as an active beacon that inspires and guides us in all we do.

The Opus Group operates under a core set of values to include: Integrity, client focus, commitment to excellence, open communication, collaboration and teamwork, and constant improvement of policies and procedures.

All of this is done to achieve one core purpose: To help our clients pursue the financial confidence they need to devote more time and attention to what is truly important to them.