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Financial Planning for Physicians

The Opus Group of Virginia's Medical Professionals Studio is a group of financial professionals who provide comprehensive and customized financial planning for physicians–from residency to retirement.

Through our collaborative practice, The Opus Group helps individual physicians and their medical practices succeed in the highly competitive and regulated healthcare environment.

Our physician clients come from all walks of life, different areas of the world, and represent all ages. What they share is the realization that they can and should coordinate today’s financial decisions in order to realize the best tomorrow has to offer. We help our clients reach their lifestyle goals by assisting them in the evaluation and proper management of their financial resources.

Through the development of a Comprehensive Plan, physicians with growing financial complexity can see the impact of their short-term decisions on their long-term objectives. Seeing and understanding the relationship between various decisions is invaluable in developing an organized, strategic, and manageable approach towards the future.

The Comprehensive Planning process helps address concerns such as:

  • Cash management strategies for growing income
  • Effects of large purchases on your overall financial picture
  • College saving plans
  • Tax reduction strategies
  • Estate planning
  • Insurance analysis and update
  • Monthly savings objectives
  • Understanding employer benefits